Monday, 22 October 2007

Daylight Saving Time

The local council misunderstands the term "daylight saving time" and forgets to pay for the sun to come up:


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Anonymous said...

If only it was so simple - as to pay the sun to come up!!
Now I don't know where i'd get the £ from - but I'd think it worthwhile paying for if I had it.

AktoMan said...

We need a council to pay someone to drive the chariot across the sky, dragging the sun across. Surely that's a job for some unemployed boy racer? Or are they too tired for that after racing along the beach boulevard at all hours of the night - imagine turning up with the company cart?

Story Quine said...

As Juno drives her peacock-pulled chariot across the sky... Well, Juno was certainly a roman goddess who had a chariot driven by peacocks, I don't know that she had much to do with the sun. You ken what you need, to find a willing victim for Wickerman heh,heh,heh It ain't called Summerisle for nowt ye know!!
[Storyquine exits to padded cell for the night]

AktoMan said...

I think i was thinking of the Eqyption one. Def no peacocks. Maybe it was central American. Def no peacocks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I presume too much, but I don't think unemployed boy racers would be interested in employment. Or is that too much reality!
I just wish that we could have sun and warmth - but it ain't no reality! G