Sunday, 28 October 2007

Summertime Blues

Spring forward...fall back. I've lost track of which watches/clocks/times that I've set back end which I haven't. Never a good idea to do this after some medicinal drinks - look, honeyed beer must be medicinal. And the Isle of Arran Dark, Sunset (seemed appropriate) and Blonde, and Saké (ooh, there's a video tutorial). And medicinal pizza (5 portions covered there), and garlic bread (good for the blood-flow), and crisps (more of the 5-portions of fruit/vegetables a day).


I must get hold of a tokkuri - do they make one in the shape of a hat with straws?

There's a webcam on the clock of Big Ben in London - but the quality is too poor to make out the time. Well, that's sodding useless. Oh, radio's just agreed that it is 01.30am, and we have an "extra hour from no-where" - huh? Sorry, but did I miss something? Has some Time Lord agreement given me an extra hour on my lifespan? I think not, it is just a mechanical ruse so fewer kids get knocked down walking to school, and the farmers have more daylight to work the crops.