Saturday, 13 October 2007

Podcast with MapleKiwi

Bob C interviewed Maple Kiwi (Michelle Waitzman) about her new book "Sex in a Tent". It was good to hear her voice after communicating over the Net this year.

Described as an honest, down to earth book about relationships in the outdoors. Smelling nice, looking nice when hiking together. Laughing at their expense (a big no). Planning a trip that won't end the relationship before it starts. LOL at Bob trying to persuade her that it's a manly smell, not 2-day old polyester smell.

Romantic meals in the outdoors. Great description of the difference. Yup, I too see food as fuel. Chocolate: possibly for every meal (my kind of woman). The idea of romantic camp sites.

Blogging and bloggers get mentioned, being part of her routine. Link to Chris T and Tom Mangan get a namecheck. Also her recent interview with Mr Townsend.

Book is available (15 Oct) from Amazon and shops stocking outdoors books.