Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The Long Walk ... Reprised


My bad. I didn't phone back the garage to check that car was ready as rushing between classes and then using last week's TOIL to slope off for bus. The bus was an epic - well the 4 wee gob54183s sat near me were talking in some saxon language that Beowulf would hae blushed at - and got me there before garage shut. It was when hearing the balloons primordial gibberings about sexuality and their mothers that i realised that i hadn't heard from the garage after they called me this morning with the repairs list. So, here i an walking back down Westburn again. This time looking at a beautiful evening and working off the angst caused by mouthy folk who care nothing about the rest of society, but will be the first to complain if society doesn't come to their aid quick enough.


Anonymous said...

Hello, at last I blog catch up!!
I knew Nevisport had been selling everything off,I noseyed round bout a week or so ago, probably a Wednesday.Soz I should have let you know, to be honest it didn't seem a sale to me, everythin is so expensive. Hope you are feelin better.

AktoMan said...

The hiking coffee filter that I got was the only thing that I could see to catch my attention. It's been used almost daily - sadly not outdoors.