Saturday, 20 October 2007


Am parked by loch glascarnoch weather station on way home to lewis. Prob be away by time sun comes up. Silvery van wi canoe on roof is parked nearer station. Webcam may have picked up my parking around 3am. Deer roaring in distance, river roaring outside open car window. Heart roars in happiness.


Big Kev said...

No sign of ye but weather looking glorious at 9:20 :o)

AktoMan said...

I was away after being woken by the 0700am mobile-phone alarm. I wanted to be in Ullapool for the sunrise.

Sadly, no archives on the Met Office web page.

Was the van visible, Kev? I saw some lighs on the hillside at 7, so wondered if they were walkers getting an early start.

Big Kev said...

No vehicles visible at that time. Looks like everybody was up and away early. You lucky, lucky people :o)