Sunday, 14 October 2007


Missed the crowning, but hope other shots useful.


Location map of this exotic location.

An old gent came across to see what I was seeing, and said he walked here regularly, weather permitting, and was amazed that people think everything was created in a big bang, rather than in something like this...










Afterglow - back to car, warmth, processing (horizon straightening and removal of some sneaky dust particles), rest is as the camera saw the sunrise via the polarising filter.


WD said...

and when you get back on the hill I'm expecting Colikn Prior to be quacking in his boots. ;)

Story Quine said...

wow! and to think I was still in my bed all that time!

I concur about the Colin Prior comment. Mind, it was only about 2 years ago we went to the Mearns Camera Club to hear him speak and see his photies? You ought to send him a link to the blog!

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Darren. I wasn't sure if there was a Polish version of Mr Prior.

SQ - hahaha. That's like you comparing yourself to RLS. Thanks for the compliments, but they're in a different league.

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic - they are well worth the time- I'm sure you'll agree. Gwen

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Gwen. I'm biased. I either thing they are good, or they never get to be shown. There are some ones where I let the viewer decide which they like - hence some similar shots.

AktoMan said...

I posted some of them to Stock Exchange last night (unlike the Drum Castle re-enactment photos), they sailed through, and at the tie of posting, the 6 selected photos had accumulated a total of 132 downloads.

Thanks. Nice to see that it was worth going out to capture the moment. In my thermal soft-shell and woollen helmet-liner.

Abcol@Altens said...

yes great photos - I am sure that there is a Student resource (or three) somewhere in this blog

AktoMan said...

Thanks for the compliment, Paul. Praise indeed.