Monday, 15 October 2007

Podzine Relaunched

Bob Cartwright has relaunched the Podzine in a weekly magazine format. Interviews with Inov-8 and First Ascent about the new MSR stove, also reviews of TGO and Trail magazines, and a very complete outdoors diary. All that was missing was a long range weather forecast, and I could have been listening to a 'real' radio show.

The All New Podzine 15/10/07

Download MP3 File

Bob allows the player to be copied from The Outdoors Station. Good luck on the re-launch, you have the imagination and skills to make it work.

There was a competition too, but it is for the first 12 people to email in with the answer. Obviously, I did so before posting this.


WD said...

well I've been listening to it here stealing your bandwith :P

And I don't care about the competition :P

AktoMan said...

LOL - what! you posted about it without listening to it first?

First there was the phone-in about the Blue Peter cat's name; then the Queen storms, in to an interview; then Phones4urcash, and now THIS!!!!

The horror of it all. Will the blogosphere ever recover?

WD said...

No I listened to it again just to use your bandwidth ;)

AktoMan said...

*g evil, I like your style.

Sadly, since I've not been hiking or 'bagging or even up an 'ill, I've plenty of bandwidth to spare as the medico-imposed exile continues.