Saturday, 27 October 2007

Mostly Painless

Just renewed my car tax online through and it was remarkably painless. I was surprised that the joined-up-government could find my paperwork, as the real reason that I did this instead of supporting my local (1.1 miles away, says Google Maps). So, less money for the Post Office, more cuts, etc - sorry, but I would have gone in and supported the local-ish community, except I couldn't find my last insurance document in amongst all my paperwork.

Usually I'm more organised, but the company changed, and piles of new documents came through the post...etc etc. Much easier for the computer to handle it all, and allow me to go about my business.

Oh, just found that if you right-click on a Google Map, you can set the "get directions from here", and then "to here" when you find the destination. I always thought you needed post codes or addresses. Sweet. Now, I wonder if it can be set to plan off-road trips? Probably not.

Off to Aboyne do see Chris Townsend.