Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Physio Update

Forgot to say that I got a letter from the Physiotherapy Department for me to give them a call to arrange the first appointment. 3 doctors, 2 weeks from last doctor, and the line hits me "our current waiting time for appointments is approximately 5 weeks".

So, pain hits me in the beginning of September, and the first chance I'll have to see a physio will might be in the beginning of December. And it's not as if there'll be a magic bullet.

I'm getting to the stage (and waist-line) where I'm seriously thinking of going sod this, pack my rucksack and head to the Cairngorms National Park for a few days of trekking.

I've even been told by relatives to come off the painkillers and go to A&E instead. Apparently a lot of people have done the same, using the A&E as there are limited out of office-hours doctors available. No wonder BUPA advertise for business on the TV, they must be raking it in.


AktoMan said...

Gave the physio department a call this morning, and they can fit me in ... in 2 weeks time. I was delighted.

With the chance of postal strikes too, the lass was so gen'd up that she took alternative communications methods.

Simon said...

Goodoh. Ask them for an ETA for hill duties to be resumed. We can do some winter camping. :o)

AktoMan said...

Will-do. As soon as they clear me for the outdoors, I'm off like a shot.

Or more like a waddle :(

With limited movement, the weight's going back on. Strangely a lot of people at work are saying that I've lost weight. But then, I didn't get out much before the summer hols, as too busy marking and tidying up work.

Simon said...

You may consider this an unreasonable, or even ridiculous, comment, but many people, when they find that they are engaging in less activity compensate by eating less. :o) Possibly this does not apply in Scotland.

AktoMan said...

Yup, cultural differences, mate. being brought up in a culture where not eating is a sign of being ill.

Additionally, the doc says that I've to eat something with the painkiller else a side-effect is heartburn.

Also, comfort eating :(

I need to get out more.