Sunday, 7 October 2007


This morning I have been mainly taking photos around the Castlegate.

The reason that I went was that I had mentioned the "painted lady" to the new chap at work. "When it is a sunny morning", says I, "I'll need to go and photograph her." Today was the day.

Postcard from Aberdeen: The Painted Lady

I also discovered that I can download, edit (e.g. add photographs) and republish the blog post in Windows Live Writer. Importantly, the post keeps its place in the blog-time continuum. The option is under open.

I took some other shots around the east end of Union Street. Like the statue, where each corner has a mouth, for an old water-spout. What I had never noticed was that each head has 3 noses and other oddities. I wonder if Picasso ever visited Aberdeen? Did he have a grey period?


Always look up in cities, you never now what you might see.





Yes, this too is a "don't forget to look up" lesson, as the rabbit was on an embankment above the pavement.


What surprised me was how busy town was at that time on a Sunday morning.


P.s. editing this with Live Writer was sooo much easier than using Blogger's own editor.


Story Quine said...

wonderful!!! Mawkins was affa cute. The fountain is aye caaed 'The Mannie', but he used to be 'The Mannie in the Green' when he lived round there. The fountain was fed by the Denburn, which is obviously ain't anymore! ;-)

I think you should do a photo-story of Aberdeen gadgees like on 'Aberdeen Tramps and Other Weel Kent Folk' blog.

FJ alias Storyquine

AktoMan said...

Like Mark when filming the day before, I noted how many drunks were around the Castlegate.

A few years back me and a mate found one lying on the ground there. Outside the Cooncil's skating rink. The security guards could clearly see her passed out on the ground, but avoided coming over to her (it was December, around about 11pm, so not warm). We put her into the recovery position and called the police (an hour later, still no sign), then called an ambulance (which arrived quickly).

As a social experiment, we noted how many people walked past us, and how many people stopped to ask if she was okay. The most socially-aware were a group of teenagers who independantly called for an ambulance too, just in case we hadn't.

Scotland isn't as friendly a place as folk might have you believe. You also can't judge people by appearance.