Thursday, 25 October 2007

Genius of Photography

BBC4 - one of the Freeview channels - starts a new series tonight called the "Genius of Photography". I have a Freeview box but the BBC transmitter fails to send a signal to my region, so I don't receive BBC4. I don't get a discount on my licence fee for this. I hope that they rebroadcast the series on terrestrial, as it looks quite good.

Being in the digital age, the BBC fails to say if the show is being transmitted over their "on demand" system. No doubt a dvd will be available at an extortionate price, and there will be a colourful book in the shops by Christmas - which is only 2 months away.

Links: BBC4. Magazine.

I have my camera under my desk. One Master Pack done (almost) after being at desk since 10am. It is sunny outside. I don't think I'll be here lon


Gayle E Bird said...

Surely some kind person will offer to record it for you? I get BBC4 perfectly well and would offer myself - except that I'm lacking the rather important other part of the equation - that being any recording equipment.

AktoMan said...

Yes, I know that, Gayle - and Mike has a recorder and gets BBC4 - but that defeats the purpose of the argument.

I am right. The BBC are wrong.

I heard a good line from Frasier today, where he says "I went to Harvard. So every time I am proven to be wrong, the world makes a little less sense".


George Griffin said...

A strange one this; I know about this series back in January and have been waiting for it to be shown.

The Book to acommpany the series was due in May but was pushed back to September.

It can be bought from amazon for £12.50 instead on £25

George Griffin said...

There a program about Edward Chambre Hardman after too.

AktoMan said...

Maybe it got lost on the way back from the developers?

So much tosh on tv, and yet they chuck 'intelligent' stuff on obscure and minimal channels. And then they complain that they are losing viewers.

Well, duhhhhhh

George Griffin said...

Think the beeb see bbc3 & 4 as their intelligent channels now; the way bbc2 was 15/20 years ago.

To be fair to the beeb they wouldn't get away with showing it on the other channels at primetime the strictly come dancing/eastenders/property program watchers would kick up a stink.

AktoMan said...

And the dorks in charge reckon it is the Internet that is driving people away from the tv, so they dumb down to the YouTube shorts.

Never mind, Scrubs on again.

Michael G Clark said...

I don't get BBC4, my ariel is in a cupboard and the reception is vauge to say the least. I do get ITV2 though..... Billie Piper's on that channel!

AktoMan said...

I couldn't help but notice that Piper's diary of a prossy is the number one download tv program.

I thought it was illegal to make money from prostitution? Immoral earnings, and all that.