Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Turtle Power

Woohoo, just got an email from Podcast Bob - I won the last cap in the TOS competition (yesterday). That's one less Christmas present I have to buy.

Now, who can I give it to...so many relations, so many options. Sorry, Darren.


George Griffin said...

Me too :-)

AktoMan said...

Well done, George. Do they do a Lego version too?

George Griffin said...


Mine arrive today, thats quick :-)

Didn't you see WD wearing one in his Video LOL :-)

AktoMan said...

The clip that George referred to can be seen here

George, can you remind me how long it took to make the video?

George Griffin said...

I think it was about 7/8 hours in total.

Hopefully I`m starting 2 new one's this week :-)

AktoMan said...

Thanks, George.

One of my students was asking. They reckoned it wouldn't take long, and I knew it wasn't quick n easy, but not exactly how long it took you.