Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Bremner, Bird & AktoMan

I know I've been off on jankers for a few weeks now, so the only time I've been mentioned in the Blogger's Roundup was when someone else reckons I look like someone else.

First there was Alan's comment: Has anyone else noticed the remarkable similarity between Aktoman and David Mitchell?

And now Darren's weekly roundup says:

Proving himself a man of a thousand faces Aktoman impersonates Cameron McNeish in "GoLite GoPosteHaste"

I'd be happy when I look like a hillwalker again and can get some mentions under my own guise.


WD said...

Duncan, I think Cameron will love the fact you don't consider hm a hill walker 555555555

AktoMan said...

Noooooo, that wasn't what I meant, and you know it - don't start on me, I know dimnack.