Sunday, 7 October 2007

Restricted Area

I've been ordered off a 'restricted area' when taking photos. It fair got the heart racing. Do i get a badge?


So, the tale... I was heading along Broad Street and noticed this huge doorway down a lane.


As I walked off the main street, a voice called out that I was in a restricted area and had to leave. I backed off.


Then I remembered the posts that I had read recently about people getting in to trouble for walking down public streets. "Heck, this was a public has a street name paid for by my taxes, and repaired by my taxes." As it was at the back of the court, I could see why they wanted to 'restrict' access when suspects were being driven too/from court. But this was a Sunday - and there were no signposts, just the voice.

I grabbed my mobile phone to record the track and found the sensor/loudspeaker on the wall.

And finally I took a photograph of the stonework around the doorway that had caught my attention in the first place.


Hardly worth it, but it might be useful in a ghost story (once I've photoshopped out the modern items).


Alan Sloman said...

I think we should organise a bloggers walk there, and then nip over to Dartmoor for the infamous tor.

Whose land is it anyway?