Thursday, 18 October 2007

Prep for Physio

First appointment with Physio tomorrow. I am to take shorts (I only have one pair as I don't like showing off my legs) and a t-shirt. But which one?

Chris Claremont's "Wolverine"? Snick, snick. Might give the wrong signals.

My "Keep on trekkin' (life is good)", just back from cleaner's, so is too clean to use as it'll just need washed again.

My old Harvard one is the opposite, too much wear & tear. Same with my old RGU or Theakston ones.

My Blue Sun/Firefly t-shirt is too often worn, and shows it.

Something dark, to cover the sweat-stains brought on by being un-hill-fit now. In the end, I decided on the "Talk nerdy to me" (, from a ConX gamer in the USA, hi Usul).

At least I don't have the same choices for shoes.