Monday, 8 October 2007

Culture of Blood

You know it's going to be a fun programme when it is entitled "Clan Macleod: Culture of Blood". BBC2 series continued, and the MacLeod's sponsorship of the arts, the love of feasts and the Kings of Scotland's politically aggravation of feuds between clans (e.g. us versus the MacDonalds at home and away) and later came the cleansing of the Gaelic culture.

But genetics seems to have a way of carrying cultural identity. Yesterday I was discussing swords and today I had one of my classes practicing with Audacity by recording Japanese poems. And now I could murder a MacDonald's. Heuch.

Sadly for me, they didn't cover the Lewis branch, so my people's exploits against the Fife Adventurers (and the Morrisons) were lost. Link

But I had been to St Clement's Church, tomb of Alisdair Crotach MacLeod, mentioned in the programme. Photos taken in the Summer (honest) of 2005.