Tuesday, 2 October 2007

A Couple of Birds

The sun was doing wonderful thinks to the terrain as I headed home from work. A quick tea, and some of "Scrubs", and I headed out towards the Bridge of Dee by 6.30pm. But I was too late, and the sun had already set below the yardarm - or whatever the photographic equivalent is. Some people were feeding the birds, so I got some shots before skulking off to find some warmth.


I entitle this one "Oi! You looking at my bird?"


The Solitary Walker said...

Your swan's neck makes a perfect image of Durdle Door which is near where JH and WD spent their night in the open air recently.

I can think of several apposite alternative titles to your pic but I think they're far more obscene than befits the mind of A Solitary Walker. Or..?

John Hee said...

it could only be DD if you could see the idiot tombstoners leaping off. But wait - is that a tick i see falling from the feathers when I zoom in on the pc? I stand corrected

John Hee said...

Apologies - just fag ash on the pc screen

AktoMan said...

Are you quite finished chaps?