Monday, 1 October 2007

Heroes isn't Sci-Fi

Undertaking a questionnaire from the Radio Times (because they're really interested in my opinion), I note with interest that Heroes is classed as "Other US drama" and not "Sci-Fi/Fantasy". So, people flying without mechanical means isn't science fiction or fantasy! Wow. I must have missed that news headline. I'll just manipulate the space-time continuum and go back to catch the news. Maybe I'll pick myself up a katana when I'm back there too. There was a few on display in the art gallery recently.

Back on planet Earth v1, podcasting is listed amongst the products/services you personally use.

Which, if any, of the following do you do regularly on the Internet? After "Read news/ newspapers" is "Read blogs" and "Write a blog"

Are there any other subjects or items that you would like to see covered on Please write in your answer below

A season of independent British films. Being pro-active, and speaking to independent film-makers in the UK rather than waiting for them to fight through the layers of PA's and gate-keepers to get an audience with a journo who's not that interested unless it has a Hollywood star in it.

Well, it ties in with a conversation I had with Mike recently. When was the last time a low-budget film series was aired on British tv? I can only think of a late-night educational series last year. Hardly pushing the boundaries of, say, the BBC's remit. But, wth, here's a clip of a balloon in case your head is hurting with such radical thoughts. Supporting British film-makers, without going through the BBC's chain of command - whatever happened to the young talent they BBC were looking for? What about older talent, and not 3-minute wonders on Channel 4. Something pro-active. Oh, there's that balloon again. Much safer to watch than worrying that folk'll switch over to see Elvis impersonators, z-listed 'celebrities' dancing, and the like that passes as quality entertainment. Here's that balloon again.