Thursday, 18 October 2007

Cold enough for snow

It is the second-last workday of Summer time. It is also nose-tinglingly cold. Some of the clouds in the east had the appearance of carrying snow. Which would be nice.


Chris Townsend said...

There was a dusting of snow visible on Bynack More and Cairn Gorm today. Haven't been up there to see how much yet.

AktoMan said...

One of my students emailed to say that his windscreen was frozen at 0630am today. I haven't heard back when I asked where he was from.

Last night's weather map showed -1'c across much of the Highlands.

Clocks are changing soon - it is my last day of work in the Summer tomorrow. Aye, nichts are faire drawin' in. It'll be time for the lined curtains soon. Och, michty me.