Wednesday, 17 October 2007

NUS Blog

Just tracked down this blog from the National University of Singapore. The source is "Narrative and Play In Interactive Media (UAR 2205)" - here is a description of their unit:

This module will look at interactive media from the perspective of narrative and play. Through hands-on experience playing, critiquing, and designing interactive systems, this module will explore how these two potentially contradictory concepts can be employed within interactive media to create meaningful and engaging experiences. Issues addressed will include: traditional and contemporary theories of narrative and storytelling; hypertext, intertextuality and non-linear narrative; interactivity and play; and recent theoretical developments in the area of game studies. Note that no experience with computer programming is required for this module.

I can imagine a collective "huh?" being sighed at that. But they are blogging! Here's Pooi Yean Lee's blog entry for September 10th.

As a university, they have more blogs here, which look like they are all hosted on their own server. On the UAR 2205 module, there are more blogs listed on the right-hand-side under "news" (link).