Sunday, 4 February 2007

Stuck in at work overworking to get things ready for the new block. At least I can look at photos like these from Sean at And at least it's a unit on problem solving, so will be fun (by the time I get finished with it) - hmm, wonder if I can legitimately get the little darlings to plan my C2C?

I must stop using my evil laugh and grin; the lass who sits next to me at work is getting worried. Muhahaha.

Bowie's "Lets Dance" album playing through iPod/laptop combo. Scarpas on, "Keep on trekking" t-shirt under shirt, and Montane Verso over chair. Chill in the air - I must work faster, as I'm getting too comfortable in here. Got a pile of painting done last night, and have only 8 more infantry, and a mortar crew to complete; hopefully tonight. Nice to get something personal done at the weekend.