Thursday, 31 July 2008

Continental Fair

On the westernmost edge of Scotland, a fair is advertised as 'Continental' and then 'European'. It is probably both, and to confuse matters, i buy some wasabe coated peanuts. Also some salami stuffed with olives. My Dad sticks with the tactic of hardly moving from the central spot as he chats to people he knows. On a hot, cloudy day, it is a sensible ploy. Off to one side of me, 2 ambulance crew load a slowmoving gent into the back of their vehicle.


Anonymous said...

just wanted to ask if i could lint here thanks

AktoMan said...

Link away, sir.

Though I don't 'do' survival stuff, hunting is about knowing the opening times of the local chipshops. And the hardest time I had was when I had to pick out the chocolate parts of my GORP bag.

My standard knife is the Leatherman Squirt, with a teensy weency blade, which may be scalpel sharp, but I'd not whittle tent pegs with it unless I really, really had to.

And despite watching Ray Mears and Bear Trusthouse40, my ability to tell the time by the sun is still limited to: if the sunlight is reflected off the moon, it is night, else it is daytime.

I have been known to navigate by following seagulls, and animal tracks.

Dawn said...

Saw something similar in Glasgow, everything sort of continental, cheeses, funny food etc. Southernbushman, I am the one with the knives and such. One mad, bad, dangerous woman. Yes Duncan, I should have been away this week but hit a major problem. Dawn.