Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Bob & Andy's Big Day Out

Just caught the podcast over tea, and very good it was too. Not just Bob Cartwright and Andy Howell

Link to podcast page on TheOutdoorsStation

I was surprised that the podcast covered not only the wood-burning stove and bacon sarnie making (even though I was tucking into my tea, I was getting hungry again listening to that) - very good podcast, as ever, but I wasn't expecting the 'new media' discussion in there. Food for the ears and the imagination.

I do hope it'll be part of a series: "Bimbles with Bob", "Ramblings with Robert", "Aurally Active Andy". Or when the two chaps head out again:

  • "Bob and Andy's Wrong Trousers" - how choosing the wrong trousers can result in chaffing of the nether regions, and what creams can be applied (obviously an XXX rating there folks),
  • "A Close Shave" - using shaving oils and packable razors on treks
  • then the full-feature film version "Bob and Andy's Curse of the WereTarpKit". ' '

Link to Andy's blog of the pod for a picture of the bacon being cooked, the stove being used, and the foldable spork.

Oh, I've taken the executive decision to not copy-and-paste the player in, so that Bob gets the audience passing through his site instead. More work for readers (point, click, scroll, click), but you need the exercise, and you'll see his shiny new site.


Speaking of laziness. Can people start making an effort and rating podcasts where you've got the chance. I notice that iTunes does things differently now, but if you notice the chance to rate Internet media that you enjoy, then please do so. It advertises your happiness to people around the world and the podcasters have a chance of reaching new people who may ignore 'unpopular' feeds.