Saturday, 3 March 2007

Crying Rabbit

Stopped off at Sainsbury's on the way back from the PO Sorting Office this morning. Ostensibly to look for a dehydrator as they stock the Tchibo range. No joy, but found that they have the "Look what we found!" range of ready-real-meals. Sampling the venison sausages for breakfast, I wouldn't class it as a meal. As a large lad, I reckon it is more of a snack.


Five's "The Gadget Show" tested mp3 covers for iPods. The Otterbox came out well. Details on their page. A bit lost on me, as I don't take my iPod out on the hills. I took the wee stick-mp3 player a couple of times, but prefer the solar-powered radio. Or a book. Or my own thoughts as I look over a stunning view, listening to the local wildlife. If you need to carry in a full opera company, you're not trying hard enough. But each to their own.


Lower Pacerpole section definitely jammed, so I'll contact them to return for a repair. I don't know my own strength sometimes.

I'm off to crush a grape.