Friday, 2 March 2007

Good Thing Going

I caught some of the radio shows by Garrison Keillor on BBC7. Some of his work is now in the form of podcasts "APM: A Prairie Home Companion's News from Lake Wobegon". Excellent stuff about growing up in Minnesota, on the edge of the prairie.

Current news can be found at "A Prairie Home Companion".


Although I have difficulty telling the difference between morning and evening, I note with interest that my comments recently about old and new media are coming true, as the BBC signs a deal with YouTube.

So, the BBC are spending public money on attracting people to watch Doctor Who? I didn't realise that people who were interested in watching it had missed it.

Or getting more people to watch the antics of Russell Brand. Yup, if you hadn't caught Russell Brand, you can see him on YouTube. Paid for by licence-payers' money. Huzzah!

At the moment, for me, the best clips (and yes, they are 'clips') are the Sir David Attenborough natural programmes. And so, in one bound, the lumbering giant that is the BBC dilutes its quality programmes even more. I say that as I cannot receive BBC4. So, I switch off the tv and work on my PC, or listen to the radio, or read. I often ponder why I pay a licence fee for programmes that I cannot view. When I get round to it, I'll investigate watching programmes via broadband. I cannot be bothered paying even more money to receive a public broadcast.


Tonight I am mainly looking at bivvi/bivvy/bivy bags.


Alan Kimber's photos are as gulp-inducing as ever. Wow!


I was getting worried that Alan hadn't posted today, but there he is now. I'm off to read his trek-log (trog). Thanks, Alan (thalan).