Sunday, 4 March 2007

Lithium Flower

Just updating the site layout to 'layouts' (I hate the smell of XML in the morning, it smells of yet another Tower of Babel). What do I notice, but a visit from Nishinomiya, across in Japan. Another good excuse to play my "Ghost in the Shell" tracks, and congratulate Japan for producing not only the movies but the Stand Alone Complex tv show.

I even ended up buying "Flowers for Algernon" based on seeing one of the Tachikoma reading the book.

Kusanagi is just so...well animated. The picture of her in the closing credits of series 1 could have graced the cover of FHM.

Anyway, on the wiki-write-up on Nishinomya, I notice that sake accounts for 24.3% of food production there. Keep up the good work folks. Especially as I ran out of my last bottle on Friday night. Personally, I blame Stan Sakai for introducing me to sake, that and a great oriental supermarket in Aberdeen.


Weird Darren said...

Yes I have the "flowers" book as well, have yet to read it, but will do (may even take it on the Challenge).
Hey what other Manga sound tracks do you have? May be interested in asking if you want to use my place as an off site backup facility for them ;)

AktoMan said...

Sorry, Darren, that's the only one I have. I do have cheap Scooby-Do, and LOTR OST, but Blade and the Matrix battle it out for 2nd best. I've had a look online, and none of the covers matches the one I have.

I'm up to the 3rd dvd in SAC GIG2, I'll buy the lot then have a day of it. Woo hoo, go Major, go Major.

I love the fact that there is one actress voicing all the tachikoma in the Japanese version, but not in the English language version. As well as dealing with current issues, and future problems raised by technology. And they don't dumb things down.

Weird Darren said...

All I have OST wise in Anime is Akire, and Macross Plus.
Luckily I have a very good friend who is HEAVILY into Anime. So I borrow from her as and when I need an Anime fix. (Oh I have a spare Blood: the last vampire if you want it? no cost)

I have LOTR OST for all three movies as well, flippin excellent isn't?

AktoMan said...

There was a soundtrack?

I tend to go for the populist films, Akira first, Spirited Away (and many of the Ghibli films), then was introduced to GITS, which lead to Steamboy. So far, I've only been disappointed by "Sky Blue 2142AD".

I've a pile to watch still, and I keep an eye on the offers on for good deals.