Thursday, 1 March 2007

TGO: April 2007

Recording is so much quicker than typing.

And in other news: Kate got mentioned in the Galloway MRT incident report. Although she reports that she walked out. Either way, glad that she's okay, and I hope the nose doesn't take too long to heal.
The gremlinz get a mention in another blog.
New extreme sports centre in Aberdeen doesn't appear to be open yet.
FJ pointed a blog out to me by a former Mountie in Canada. "The House & other Arctic musings". He runs a B&B in the wonderfully named Arctic Bay.
Alan Sloman's trek seems to have started as a good food guide. What a guy! If I could spell nonshalaunt, I'd probably use that word.


Cameron McNeish said...

Cheers man! Enjoyed your review. Hope you enjoy the mag..

best wishes